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Animal parts use for preps--sustainable, humane?

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Animal parts use for preps--sustainable, humane?

Hi Earth-healers (otherwise known as Biodynamics farmers/gardeners),
My BD study group in Central Minnesota is studying Steiner's "Agriculture Course" and have reached Lectures 4 and 5, which I am dubbing, the "Frankenstein" lectures. :) Lecture 4 deals with the horn manure and horn silica preps, which I have used for several years now in my garden; and lecture 5, the compost preps are introduced.

Our group, including a farmer from nearby Camphill, is considering very carefully the sustainability issue surrounding the shear number of horns needed to keep a sizable farm cosmically viable, as cows have quite a long life-span, and certainly would not be slaughtered for the horns alone.

I, for one, am quite concerned with the enabling aspect of harvesting horns, cow intestines and "mesentary" from slaughter-houses, thus supporting the reprehensible practices there. As well, how are "stag bladders" harvested?

Has anyone experimented with alternative, animal-friendly ways to prepare any of the preps? Steiner himself mentions the possiblity of using horse manure, wrapped in mane or tail and buried.

I just want to learn, but also to grow and evolve the best practices, as Dr. Steiner, I am sure, would encourage.

Who else has been thinking about this?