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Any Advice on creating an Andean Mountain Permaculture Paradise?

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Any Advice on creating an Andean Mountain Permaculture Paradise?

Buenos Dias

I hope peace is in your heart.

I'm loving here at The Way Inn,perched just above Huaraz Peru. I am heading the Permaculture part of this up and coming sustainable community. We are at about 3700 m above sea level. We get sun from about 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening. It is pretty intense in throughout the day, and it gets up to 25 degrees. In the shade it is still cold and in the evening it dips down to 4 degrees. There are short gusts of pretty fierce wind, but usually it's pretty calm. We have Pine, Cedar and Eucalyptus growing in spits and spots. There are many species in the Compositae and rosacea family and I've identified 13 wild edible herbs.

The different ingredients for soil I have access to are:

  • Rich river sediment
  • cow/donkey/duck/sheep manure (just a pattie here and there)
  • Ash
  • Dark rich, medium-fine soil
  • Compost at different stages of decomposition
  • Gravelly soil

We plan to build a solar dehydrator, and today I'm making compost tea, and will soon add E.M. to the compost piles. I'm wishing to know how to make an awesome Aloe vera Plant Guild.

If you have any advice as to how we can make this sacred land a Permaculture Paradise you're more than welcome to share. If you know of any books, websites or people with info on high altitude permaculture practices please send me the name or link. Hook me up as it were.

My email is, and I'm also on facebook. The website of the lodge is I'd love if our paths cross with super auspicious circumstances.


Lot's of light and love upon your path

Your Super Shaman Yogi friend

                            til the never-end


Sher-Doc! Yidaki