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Apprentice needed at Hawthorne Valley Farm for Field Manager Assistant

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Apprentice needed at Hawthorne Valley Farm for Field Manager Assistant

The Field Manager Assistant is a directly responsible to the Field Manager. This position is also a member of the livestock team and as a member is responsible for duties in relation to the cows and pigs. Hawthorne Valley Farm values the importance of sustainable managed organic feed for our dairy herd, this value is reflected in the field manager assistant position.

Under the direction of the Field Manager, this position participates in forage production, fertility management, grain production, and equipment maintenance. Fertility includes cover cropping, compost production, and application of biodynamic preparations.

This position requires a flexible schedule built around the forage harvest; this demands a 55 hours workweek with the ability to work up to 80 hour/week during peak season. This apprentice must be independently motivated, and enjoy working in all outdoor conditions. This position is expected to assist in record keeping, time and task management.

• Ability to lift 60 pounds
• Fluency in tractor operation including extensive experience with diverse tractor operated implements
• Experience with ruminant livestock in a grass based production system
• Basic mechanical knowledge (welding and carpentry, a plus)
• Openness to biodynamic farming methods
• Desire to produce high quality feed with the goal of maintaining healthy and productive animals.

If interested, please email