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Apprenticeship at C-Dar Biodynamic Farm

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Apprenticeship at C-Dar Biodynamic Farm

Would you like to become our Apprentice? 
at C-Dar Farm, in Paradise Valley, Squamish, BC Canada
If so, please immediately consult our Website at: www.cdarbiodynamic.soc 
Then, fill in the questionnaire attached to our website.
You may start as soon as next week. 
It's February and in a month from now,  the growing season will start. In the meantime, you may learn how to milk our cow, feed four horses, gather eggs from 100 hens and 'play' with our two dogs and cats. 
A few highlights: 
You have your very own room and access to a modern bathroom and shower
We are a versatile group, meat, vegetarian or vegan food as you like it
Vancouver is only 80km from the farm and bus service is frequent
We also drive to Vancouver once per week
WiFi is available for Internet and telephone
We are a community of 10 - 12 people from all over the glove: Holland, Switzerland, China, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico etc.
English is the main language and it is important that you understand this language well. 
We prefer apprentices to stay at least 6 months. For a full apprenticeship with written confirmation 12 months of learning is a must!
Please write to: Ferdinand Vondruska, or FB Ferdinand Vondruska, or call 604 802-4442
C-Dar farm is a participating mentor farm in the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program.