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Associative contract with JPI - March 31 deadline

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Associative contract with JPI - March 31 deadline

Associative Contract

For BD practitioners to be able to learn more about biodynamic agriculture, apply BD preparations consistently to their garden or farm, as well as to support JPI, we have created an "Associative Contract" (or as Rudolf Steiner referred to in his three fold social order as the associative relationship). Our "Associative Contract" is a sustainable idea which is borrowed from the economic concept, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Traditionally, the CSA concept encourages urban and rural people to share responsibility for where and how their food is produced. The CSA is a partnership between agricultural producers and consumers - a way to financially support an agricultural organization. You become a participant not just a consumer. JPI has adopted this concept: any biodynamic practitioner may contract to support the yearly work of JPI, by paying a corresponding fee at the beginning of the season based on an acreage level appropriate to his or her situation, and in turn JPI agrees to support the health of the plants you grow and the health of the planet by providing biodynamic preparations, and farm/garden advisory service.

What do I receive?

JPI will provide annual consultation service.

JPI will send the biodynamic preparations in two priority mail shipments; one shipment in the SPRING and one shipment in the FALL for your farming or gardening needs. If radiation of US mail is implemented, shipment will be by Federal Express. In this case there will be additional shipping charges.

20% discount per any additional preparations purchased.
JPI will also customize the SPRING and FALL shipments to meet the specific needs of the individual BD practitioner (with contract fee negotiated accordingly).

Preparations include; Two Sets of the BD Compost Preparations 502-507, and Two units each of BD #500, BD #501, BD #508, and BC.

For more information and to sign up for this service, download the PDF file listed below.

Please click here to print a copy of the Associative Contract for 2014 


            Call Office: 540-745-7030

            Fax: 540-745-7033 

            Mail: 201 East Main Street, Suite 14

                    Floyd  VA  24091