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Bee Fields Farm internship opportunity 2015 - NH

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Bee Fields Farm internship opportunity 2015 - NH

Bee Fields Farm
555 Abbot Hill Road
Wilton, NH 03086

Phone: (603) 654-1097

Bee Fields Farm is a small Biodynamic farm in Wilton NH. We are offering internship opportunities to learn and work in its beautiful 2-acre garden. Our farm that goes into its 4th season in 2015 is a diverse small farm. We grow vegetable for a small, year round CSA that works with the ideals of the threefold social order. We grow more than 100 different medicinal herbs to be used in tea blends, salves, liquid extrancts, powdered herbs and more. We are home to 4 goats and about 90 laying hens.We apply biodynamic, bionutrient and organic principles in managing the farm.
Our farm is still in its development stage. We are working on the farm infrastracture, routines and systems. This is a great opportunity to witness a farm in its becoming stages and gain experiance in bringing a farm into being.

If you have given serious thought to becoming a small-scale farmer and want to learn more, then consider applying for this demanding, hands-on exploration of small-scale organic and biodynamic farming. We are looking for a full-time intern that will assist Elad with the daily tasks of greenhouse propagation and management, hand sowing and transplanting, irrigation, weeding, harvest, post-harvest handling of vegetables and herbs.  The majority of our work is done by hand to build strong bodies and an intimate relationship with the soil, plants and animals.

You will learn:
* Holistic methods for stewarding the land
* Biodynamic farming practices: Compost making, BD preperations making and using, planting calendar and more.
* Soil testing and nutrients management
* Integrating vegetables crops with medicinal herbs
* Canning, fermenting and freezing for the winter
* Preparing remedies from herbs
* More depending on your inclination

Our workweek is Monday through Friday and half day on Saturday. There will also be shared weekend animal and greenhouse chores.

We offer room, full board and a small stipend. Access to all veggies, eggs and herbs that grow in the garden. Most of our meals are vegetarian.

Please send us a letter that include: a bit about you, background, prior learning and work experience, where you see your place in a farm community, what draws you to farming, and what you hope to learn from the experience.

For more information on our farm, please visit our website: