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Best Seed Planting Times for March - Suggestions from Lloyd Nelson

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Best Seed Planting Times for March - Suggestions from Lloyd Nelson

Here is a list of best dates to plant seeds in March, based on Maria Thuns calendar.

March 2014
For any and all early plantings of seeds, especially fruits such as peppers, etc.
as well as medicinal herbs, flowers and other crops Thursday 13th and Friday 14th are very, very good days to start seeds. According to Rudolf Steiner, confirmed by years of my observation, seeds sown a few days before the full moon have best germination and long term viability and healthy of the plants. Full moon is Sunday the 16th. Take advantage of the following days to start your plants off under positive celestial influences.
Best Dates to Start Seeds:

Thursday 13th,
                    Sun Trine Saturn

Friday 14th,
                    Moon opposition Mercury,
                    Mercury Trine Mars,
                    Moon Opposition Neptune
Other good Days to start seeds this month-
Monday 24th, 
                    Fruit Crops
                    Moon opposition Jupiter (Early morning best)
Wed 26th,    
                    Flower Crops
                    Mercury Trine Jupiter (Early morning)
Saturday 29th,
                    Root Crops

                         Venus Trine Mars  (Early to Mid Day best)

The above dates are also great for spraying BD preps

Lloyd Nelson
Biodynamic Consultant