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Biodynamic Coordinator - Genesis Farm, Blairstown, NJ

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Biodynamic Coordinator - Genesis Farm, Blairstown, NJ

Recruitment for BD coordinator

Genesis Farm in Blairstown, NJ is seeking an experienced practitioner of Biodynamic farming to implementing BD principles and practices in a new, developing demonstration garden. This Hillside garden is envisioned to encourage and enable ordinary, non- experienced backyard gardeners to become more self-reliant in the production, and preservation of their own food as well as in seed-saving. 

This garden will be designed to incorporate 6-7 individual gardens scaled to the growing spaces and needs of individuals, families and communities in the real life situations in which they live. The first two, a patio-container garden and a “front Yard” garden have already been created. The garden has a small flock of chickens and we are hoping to gradually introduce a small number of heritage breed livestock as well as a number of beehives. 

The designing and building of the garden infrastructures is part of the mission of Genesis Farm and its commitment to promoting the Transition movement as a way to foster community resilience in the face of the decline of fossil fuel energy, climate change and economic instability.  Creating the gardens will be part of a series of workshops and hands-on learning events.  The gardens, wherever possible, will incorporate orchards, berries, herbs and flowers as well as optimal vegetable cultivation. 

Genesis Farm founded and hosts one of the earliest CSA’s in the country, and has been implementing BD methods since its beginning.  We wish to cultivate as many of the herbs for the BD preparations as possible, and to create a garden of great beauty to inspire and nourish the spirit of those who visit or work in them. 

This position is a calling rather than a job, but we can provide housing in a private apartment, and a modest but adequate salary.  If sharing the spiritual understanding of sacred agriculture is something to which you feel called, please make an
inquiry to: 

Miriam MacGillis
Genesis Farm
41A Silver Lake Road
Blairstown,NJ 07825
908 362-7221

You may want to visit our web-site at

This is not a project of the Community-Supported Garden at Genesis Farm, but you may want to visit their web-site as well at