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Biodynamic Farmland listing in Elk, CA

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Biodynamic Farmland listing in Elk, CA

I am a Realtor with Coast Real Estate in Mendocino, California. We are reaching out to the regional organizations of the BFGA to spread the word about a farmland listing in Elk, CA currently available for sale through our office.

Demeter certification began in 1996 on this 44 acre property and continued without lapse until just last year. At that time the current owners had to greatly scale down their current operations due to age and health. As is common with the farmers of today, those are also the reasons they are looking to sell. The integrity of the methods and procedures on the farm have been preserved. Therefore, to our best knowledge, nothing has occurred on the farm that would hinder the certification process for new owners.

The facilities include a 2bed/1 ba home, a large, multi-purpose barn, greenhouses, a state certified dairy, apiary, extensive water systems, orchards and more. The coast of Mendocino County is a rural environment and this location is no exception. The temperate climate makes this an ideal site for vegetable and flower production, plant nurseries, small livestock dairying, seed production, education and research in addition to many other ventures only limited by the imagination of the land stewards. And then there is the stunning ocean view and widely environmentally conscious nature of the surrounding small communities found up and down this unique coast.

Our goal is to get the property information out to as many people involved in these arenas as possible. We then have the best chance of this land remaining Biodynamic farmland for the good of all and for generations to come. Please take a look at the property website to get a feel for this incredible spot. The property has been on the market for a short time and is currently listed at $1,389,000.

There is printable material online and I would be happy to send more hard copy information to you at any time to help spread the word about this opportunity. Though your group is located in Oregon, there may be someone associated with you who has thought of moving a bit farther south. With some new blood there is a lot of potential for innovation and financial well-being. Admittedly the full potential of this farm has yet to be realized.

My goal is to open a dialogue with a mutual goal to see this property's stewardship continue to be one of a sustainable mindset. Please utilize my contact information below and I will also continue to stay in touch. All feedback is welcome. I look forward to speaking with you in the future

Best regards,

Meghan Durbin
Realtor/Office Manager
Coast Real Estate
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