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Biodynamic/Permaculture Training in Ecuador

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Biodynamic/Permaculture Training in Ecuador

Join us in the beautiful mountains of Ecuador close to Vilcabamba, the Valley of Longevity and Tranquility. Our vision is that of the Pachamama Alliance, based on the indigenous prophesy of the Americas….”neither the people of the North nor the people of the South are safe until the Eagle and the Condor can fly as one.” Our goal here is to capture that intercultural reciprocity.
We are looking for four interns to join us on our farm. We have a milk cow and will soon have goats, chickens, horses and bees. We are in a pristine river valley, off the grid, but do have internet and Skype. We live simply and everything is done by hand.

Walter has been a Biodynamic dairy and vegetable farmer for forty years, mainly in the States. Cristian is a young Ecuadorian farmer who is bilingual and helps run the farm, bringing cultural integration to our efforts. Walter’s wife Susan Davis has created 20 national innovation networks in solar, social investing, microenterprise, women’s empowerment and taking towns green. She’ll be teaching you advanced collaboration and tutoring you on manifesting your dreams.

If interested, you would make a one-month commitment and, if it seems the right place, you would then obtain a visa and stay for six months or longer. Interns will cover their board and room at $75/wk and work thirty hours per week.

For more information, go to Walter’s website and blog at and read his book, A Farmer’s Love. Susan’s book The Trojan Horse Of Love is free at and her website is If interested please email us at or