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Board of Directors

Daphne AmoryDaphne Amory Consulting, California

Daphne Amory, a biodynamic consultant, educator, and winemaker, is based in Napa, California. She works with vineyard owners, managers, and winemakers, using biodynamic principles and practices. She enables these stakeholders to develop the most sustainable viticultural practices for the deepest expression of their wines. She studied biodynamics at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California. Daphne is certified by the International Organic Inspectors Association and is currently doing inspection work for Demeter USA and Stellar Certification Services. 

Jean-Paul CourtensRoxbury Farm, New York

Jean-Paul Courtens and his wife Jody Bolluyt own and operate Roxbury Farm, which was founded in 1990. Today, Roxbury Farm is a 375-acre diversified operation in Kinderhook, New York, producing vegetables, hay, beef, lamb, chicken, and pork. Since 1991 the farm has been a CSA and has grown to serve over 1,400 families spread out between New York City, Westchester County, Columbia County, and the Capital District. Jean-Paul is a graduate of Warmonderhof in the Netherlands, a four-year school providing training in biodynamic agriculture. Jean-Paul is considered a pioneer leader in the CSA and organic movement. In 1994, he co-founded CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farm Training) to improve the experience of farm apprentices. In 2000, in association with Equity Trust, he and Jody helped develop a model ground lease that protects the Roxbury farmland through a combination of a conservation easement and a re-sale restriction to ensure that the farm will always be in the hands of small farmers. In the off-season they frequent farming conferences across the country, providing workshops and keynotes on a variety of topics. Jean-Paul helped to create a planning manual on “Crop Rotations on Organic Farms” as part of the Northeast Organic Network. Their own manuals on crop and soil management (available for free at the Roxbury Farm website) are used as a reference by many CSA and other organic vegetable farmers.

Janet Gamble (Vice President and Secretary)Turtle Creek Gardens, Wisconsin

Janet Gamble has over 30 years experience in organic and biodynamic agriculture as a farmer and educator. Janet developed and led a nationally recognized farmer training program at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, Wisconsin for 15 years. Her experience extends to her voluntary involvement on the Board of Directors for the Biodynamic Association, Angelic Organics Learning Center, NuGenesis Farm, Citizen Advisory Committee for Center for Integrated Agriculture Science at UW-Madison, and a founding board member for Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Services (MOSES), among other educational and advisory support for non-profits, government agencies, and farmers over the years. Currently, Janet is farm manager at Turtle Creek Gardens, a developing vegetable CSA in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Paula Manalo Gaska (Treasurer)Mendocino Organics, California

Paula Manalo co-owns and operates Mendocino Organics in northern California, a CSA providing the community with organic produce, as well as growing grain and raising pastured lamb, poultry, pork, and beef. She is a founding member of Greenhorns, a grassroots non-profit working nationally to recruit, promote, and support new farmers. Paula co-edited Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers’ Movement (Storey Publishing, 2012).

Greg Georgaklis, Farmers To You, Vermont

Greg Georgaklis has been involved in agriculture for over 30 years, as a farmer, business owner and advisor. He served on the Massachusetts Board of Agriculture, and after moving to Vermont in 2007, was hired by several not-for-profit and Vermont state agencies to work directly with and advise organic producers and conventional farmers who sought a new road map. In 2009 Greg focused his energies on starting Farmers To You – an associative business model that is rebuilding a sustainable, appropriately scaled food system, mission driven to connect families with farmers. Greg has an MBA as well as several horticulture certifications. He is regarded as an expert in many areas of farm sustainability.

Susan Kurz, Rhode Island

Susan West Kurz is the co-founder of Dr Hauschka Skin Care USA, Inc., and the author of Awakening Beauty the Dr Hauschka Way and Beecoming Sophie, a graphic novel about supporting the health of honey bees. Susan has been involved in holistic health care and sustainable life styles for over 30 years. Her introduction to biodynamic gardening began in 1972 when she apprenticed at the Meadowbrook Herb Garden in Wyoming, Rhode Island, growing medicinal and culinary herbs. She and her husband Clifford developed a market garden on their 10-acre farm in Hatsfield, Massachusetts, in the early 1990s. They implemented biodynamic practices and raised a small herd of Dexter cattle. Susan has introduced basic anthroposophic and homeopathic medicinal homecare as well as basic biodynamic principles to estheticians, massage therapists, and consumers for much of her professional career. Her focus now is to encourage people to take back their yards and establish a healthy artisitc relationship to nature in whatever way possible, be it yard, patio, garden, community farm, rooftops, or house plants.

Steffen Schneider (President)Hawthorne Valley Farm, New York

Steffen Schneider joined Hawthorne Valley Association in 1989. He was hired as the herd manager of the farm’s dairy herd and in 1994 became farm manager. He has served on the farm management group and the general management group since then. He took on the role of general manager of the farm branch in 2008. He was a key member of the team that brought the farm back from near insolvency (caused by a failed wholesale distribution venture) to its present state. Steffen also serves as "adjunct faculty" at the Pfeiffer Center in Spring Valley, New York, where he teaches livestock management and other biodynamic courses. Steffen has presented keynote speeches at the 1999 and 2006 National Biodynamic Conferences and has presented at several NOFA conferences and at the 2008 Acres Conference. He has written several articles for the Biodynamics journal and other trade journals. Steffen graduated from the Justus Von Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, with a Master’s Degree in Agriculture and Animal Science in 1982. Before joining Hawthorne Valley Association, Steffen was part of the team that pioneered a biodynamic farm start-up in East Troy, Wisconsin. Out of that initiative grew Nokomis Farms and the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute.