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Call for Manuscripts on “Cooperatives and Alternative Food Systems Initiatives”

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Call for Manuscripts on “Cooperatives and Alternative Food Systems Initiatives”

Call for Manuscripts: Cooperatives and Alternative Food Systems Initiatives

Manuscript Deadline: August 1, 2013, for consideration for peer review.  See pdf attachment below

Papers will be published in the winter 2014 issue (Jan.–Mar. 2014)

Guest editors: Colin Anderson (Canada), Henk Renting (Europe), Jim Barham (USA), Lynda Brushett (USA) and Tom Gray (USA)

The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, (JAFSCD) welcomes submissions on a wide range of topics (and geographic areas) that explore the intersection of cooperatives with alternative food systems initiatives. We promote research and accessible scholarship that inform thinking and practice and that draw on diverse interdisciplinary and community-practitioner perspectives. We seek reports of qualitative and quantitative studies, case studies, review articles, reflective essays, and commentaries. We also encourage explorations of collaborative initiatives that may not be formally incorporated using a cooperative structure, but that embody the cooperative values and principles.

Papers could include topics related to:

  • Consumer cooperatives, farmer co-ops, worker co-ops, cooperative food hubs, fair-trade co-ops,  multi­stakeholder co-ops, cooperative farms

  • Challenges, barriers, best practices, key tools, strategies

  • How these initiatives embody new forms of “food citizenship” and alternative governance structures that bridge the production-consumption divide

  • The role of technology (e.g. websites, new media, video, RFID tags, matchmaking/logistics software platforms)

  • Innovative organizational structures and governance

  • Policy, advocacy, or regulatory issues

  • Economic, social, and/or environmental impact assessments

  • Economic viability or new institutional economics

  • How these initiatives are incubators of social innovation and inform changes in wider society

  • Cooperation among cooperatives and cooperatives’ support organizations

  • Transformative learning in cooperatives

  • Organizational design to protect social justice goals

  • Concerns about gender, race, culture, class, and justice

  • The relationships between farmers, consumers and workers in and across cooperatives

  • The relationship between cooperatives and food democracy, food justice, and food sovereignty

  • Social capital or social embeddedness

Authors interested in responding to this call will need to send a query form and draft manuscript to editor in chief Duncan Hilchey ( prior to submission for peer review. Submission guidelines and the query form may be found at