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Coleraine Farm Educational Homestead - School for the Arts

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Coleraine Farm Educational Homestead - School for the Arts


I'm trying to get the word out about the Kickstarter fundraising project to save my family farm here in Brookfield.

We made the front page of the Union Leader today!

Check out our story at ->

Short story: I initiated the move to Brookfield after my father passed away in 2010 and I saw my family's farm at risk of deteriorating or worse, becoming sold off. I saw this as the perfect, and necessary, chance to turn around the fate of the farm and do what I could to halt the spiral of disappearing small farms, as well as youth, from New England.
It's been hard. But with the help of a nearby octogenarian with a tractor, and work exchange with neighbors, we had a farm stand up this summer that commonly sold out.
Our goal is to have an educational farm up an running next summer. Additionally, we'd also love to host classes in the arts and sustainable building, performances in our barn and artist residencies.

How can we make investment in rural New Hampshire cool, and economically feasible again, for young people? I think this is one step in the right direction and I'd really like to share!
To get this done we are going to need to improve the infrastructure on the land: we need to rewire the barn, improve the foundation on the wood-shop, install a flue in our chimney and build a permanent greenhouse so we can host farming classes year round.

To do this we need a financial boost. Take a look at our video and read the story on our Kickstarter campaign:
Or search Coleraine Farm at the page.
We need help spreading the word! Posting our kickstarter on facebook is the BEST thing you could do to help!

It would mean so much to us! Thank you thank you!

 Here is our facebook:

Thanks so much for your time and consideration!

- Andrew Weeks & Coleraine crew