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Couple looking for a Serious Bio-Dynamic Apprenticeship in NZ

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Couple looking for a Serious Bio-Dynamic Apprenticeship in NZ

We're a couple recently relocated to NZ from the United States, looking for a long-term, mutually beneficial apprenticeship with a serious biodynamic farm. We're very interested in building ourselves up to owning some land, whether it be through a land-share agreement, or earning enough money over the next few years to afford our own piece of land. Ideally, we'd be looking for room, board, and a reasonable amount of compensation, in exchange for long days, hard work, and a long-term, hands-on commitment to contributing to your farm and easing the workload, while learning all the while.

My partner Peter is bio-dynamically trained, and has run a quantum agriculture farm before. He has studied in Switzerland for a brief time, and brings a lot of skills and good intuitive knowledge with him.

I'm Pepper, I have a keen love of plants, and while I don't bring as much working knowledge, I'm a fast learner and hard worker, and I find that biodynamics resonates very strongly with me. Things like seed saving, animal husbandry, and astrology are things I'd love to work with.

We've both worked on a few organic farms around New Zealand for a few months last year, and were disappointed to find few truly biodynamic operations, as well as finding it hard to get paying work because of the WWOOF program. We're looking for a less temporary situation where we would be able to truly contribute to a farm.

We are both passionate about honing our skills with a talented practitioner, and find ideas of sustainable lifecycles and creating beautiful plant and animal life very exciting. Neither of us wants to spend our lives working away at the grind in the city until we're too old to afford a piece of land, and without the proper education.

Feel free to contact us at if you'd like to talk to us more.