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Dairying and Vegetable Seed Growing Internship Opportunities with Meadowlark Hearth, NE

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Dairying and Vegetable Seed Growing Internship Opportunities with Meadowlark Hearth, NE

2013 Two internship Opportunities : Dairying with Intensive Pasture Management and Professional Vegetable Seed Growing 

Dairy and Intensive grazing Internship:

There are 11 milking cows with their offspring: another 13 heifers and steers. The cows are mostly Ayrshire and Ayrshire crosses with Milking Shorthorn, Milking Devon, Jersey and Tarantaise. For the past 8 years the herd  had its own Ayrshire bull. Last year he was replaced with an A2/A2* Jersey/ Milking Shorthorn cross bull from the Gottschall Ranch in the NE Sand hills. Most of the cows will be calving in the spring. The calves stay with their mothers at least one week. Then the cows are divided into nurse cows and milking cows. Calves are with a nurse cow at least 3 months. The cows are milked once a day and customers pick up raw milk directly from our milk house at the farm.

The Holmes brought their mobile milking shed from Colorado, which is similar to the ones used in Switzerland. This mobile milk shed enables the cows to be milked while on pasture.  Throughout the growing season the cows are pasture fed.

In the spring, summer and autumn, cows as well as the mobile milk shed are usually moved once a day to new pasture. In winter the cows are still outside on stockpiled pasture and later fed hay.

Please note the urgent timing of this opportunity to learn from Lawrence and Ursula about dairying before they return to Germany in August 2013.  Best timing for learning from Lawrence and Ursula is to  arrive in April, May or at latest June. 


*Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health, and the Politics of A1 and A2 Milk by Keith Woodford            


Seed growing internships: The Seed internship program seeks to train enthusiastic interns to take on responsibility in biodynamic seed growing, including retailing seed and working with other larger seed companies to grow commercial amounts of vegetable seed.  The training includes all aspects of vegetable seed growing: sowing, harvesting, threshing and cleaning.  Seed crops are grown for Meadowlark Hearth’s online distribution ( and companies including Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed Initiative, Fedco Seed, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, and High Mowing.  In 1991 Nathan interned at the Biodynamic seed company in Switzerland where he learned seed growing and specialized techniques for hand cleaning of seed. Nathan also worked with medium sized seed cleaning machines at the Bingenheim Biodynamic seed company In Germany.  In 1994 Beth and Nathan founded of the Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed Initiative which now resides in Camphill Village USA in Copake, NY. Having gardened and grown seed in many different places, the Corymbs have experienced a wide range of climates and natural habitats, so they can instruct people how to grow seeds in diverse climates. In 2010 they took the opportunity to establish this new mid-country seed initiative on a larger farm with a favorable seed growing climate. The internship can be for a longer or shorter period.

Timing Options for the


1. March through November (with option to stay until 3rd week in December to learn seed cleaning and testing)

2. Autumn, Harvesting and Cleaning Seed 2013: Four month internship: September through 3rd week in December

3. 2013 Short term positions in the summer available for dedicated student willing to tent