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Farm Interns wanted on 550 acre Biodynamic Farm in nations heartland.

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Farm Interns wanted on 550 acre Biodynamic Farm in nations heartland.

Here is an opportunity to be part of our 2013 farm­ing season. We run a 50 member year-round community supported farm/garden in Central Minnesota within the context of an intentional community based in Anthroposo­phy that focuses on living and working with adults with special needs. We ask that you have some farming and/ or gardening experience, but it is more important that you are enthusiastic and energetic about sustainable agriculture and are open to working with people with special needs.

We are a working biodynamic farm on the Sauk River , where approximately 125 acres is managed under a grass based, cultivated 4-6 year rotation, with 70 acres in perma­nent pasture, 10 acres in restored native tall-grass prairie, and 300 acres of forest and wetlands. Incorporated into our diverse biodynamic system is a grass-fed beef opera­tion, a small grass based dairy, layers, hogs, broilers, tur­keys, a small apiary, and the many perennials and annuals that make it possible.

The internship runs from May through September, but will accommodate your school’s schedule. A $100 / month stipend will be given with free room and board in a house community, plus toiletries.

Learning Opportunities• : tAnimal Husbandry (cows, pigs, poultry, bees) tSmall Scale Grass Based Dairy tSmall Grains Production tDiverse Crop Rotations tCompost Making tMIG – Management Intensive Grazing tBiodynamic Theory, Sprays, Compost preps tFarm Machinery Safety, Operation & Repair tFarm Scale Permaculture Techniques tHolistic Management tVisits to Other Farms in the Area tAccess to Local Ag Events tCommunity Living

Requirements: tEnthusiam tHealth insurance tPass a Background Check tAgree to and Sign Service Policy

Please remember you must be open and willing • to work with people with special needs within the context of a licensed facility. We look forward to hearing from you!


Stephen Briggs
Farm Manager