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Farm Manager for Small Non-Profit Biodynamic Farm in Waihe'e, HI

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Rebecca B
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Farm Manager for Small Non-Profit Biodynamic Farm in Waihe'e, HI

Farm Manager Job Description:

  • Oversee weekly gardening program for people with developmental disabilities
  • Vegetables:
    • Seed selection 
    • Greenhouse building maintenance and seed propagation
    • Making potting soil
    • Planting plans and record keeping
    • Planting out sprouts
    • Thinning
    • Harvesting & processing (washing, packing, storage)
    • Spraying liquid biodynamic fertilizers
  • Fruits: Bananas & Papayas, Starfruit, Lilikoi, Avodacdo, Ulu, Citrus, Guava 
    • Harvesting
    • Cleaning up banana stumps for compost and digging up keiki for sale
    • Washing & boxing produce
    • Fertilizing with liquid organic fertilizer
  • Fertility & Soil Health
    • Stirring and applying preparations
    • Making liquid fertilizer
    • Collecting compost materials on-site
    • Making compost
  • Irrigation & water:
    • Irrigation maintenance
    • Irrigation management (turning water on/off, developing new plans, etc.)
    • Water tank maintenance (setting valves, flushing filter)
  • Awai maintenance (cleaning screens, cleaning ditch fallen branches, cane
  • grass)
  • Weeding & hoeing
  • Landscape
  • Weedwack, mow, prune, trim, burn when necessary and general landscape work 
  • Administrative
  • Creating a CSA
  • Working with customers (health food store accounts, restaurant accounts, adds)
  • Managing craigslist ads, wwoof and CSA sites, interviews and work trades
  • with wwoofers and training of new wwoofers on the farm
  • Coordinating work with BD calendar
  • Management of community area

All receipt books and voucher receipts go to the accountant to be recorded
Room and salary 
Sincere inquiries please call Christina 249-0254