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Farmer Sought for Dairy Farm - Community Homestead, WI

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Farmer Sought for Dairy Farm - Community Homestead, WI

Community Homestead is a six household, 40 strong, life- sharing community here in NW Wisconsin. We farm almost 400 acres, owning 240.  We are looking for a farmer to head up the grade A certified organic dairy farm (pipeline milking 36 holsteins and selling directly to Organic Valley). Our current farmer has been here almost 20 years and is moving back to Germany to care for his elderly parents. As a member of  a supportive three part ag team, including the farm manager and head gardener, the dairy manager has room to lead, organize and create. The farmer/farming couple is part of the community, modeled after Camphill, and we are open to discussing the various ways s/he/they would interconnect.

More information can be gleaned from and on our facebook page.

Contact 715 294 3038