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Farmers Sought - The Center for Discovery, Harris, NY

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Farmers Sought - The Center for Discovery, Harris, NY

Thanksgiving Farm is part of a large-scale care facility, The Center for Discovery. The clients, whom we call “the guests,” are either individuals with multiple disabilities or individuals on the autism spectrum disorder. Educational, residential, clinical and adult programs are offered to both children and adults. Some of the core values aimed at have to do with wellness, high quality food and sustainability. Also a high priority of the programs is to have the guests being active outdoors, which includes their participation in farming. To add to that, the farm has a CSA program with about 250 shares for staff and people of the local community.

This gives the farm 2 goals: a consistent production of high quality product to cover as much of our food and nutrition needs as possible and the integration of the guests in specific parts of the farm operation, like flat seeding, post harvest preparation, egg collecting and processing, herb growing, harvesting and processing to name a few. These goals and the great variety of crops and livestock give a unique character to the farm.

As our biodynamic farming is developing we need to strengthen each of our teams and are looking for 2 well qualified farmers. One is for the vegetable production of which we grow 18 acres; the other is for the animal production, all pasture based; beef cows, sheep, pigs and laying hens. They must have several years of hands-on and management experience. The focus for both farmers is production while being able to see staff-supported integration of residents in specific areas of the farm. We offer a competitive salary, very good benefits as well as housing.

These are not ordinary opportunities because of the context and the fact that farming finds direct value right on the spot in more than one way. Farming is a growing endeavor at The Center and there is room for valuable contributions that might not be able to find a context otherwise. 
If interested, please contact Jean-David Derreumaux at