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Full-time farmhand sought - Live Springs Farm, MO

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Full-time farmhand sought - Live Springs Farm, MO

Live Springs Farm is looking for a full-time farmhand to begin March 2013.  This is a great opportunity for someone with some farm experience, primarily dealing with livestock, looking to further expand on those experiences.  We are currently offering a position for one individual; however, we are open to a couple or small family occupying the housing on the farm.  The farm is located on 610 acres outside of the rural community of Carrollton, IL about 1.5 hrs. north of St. Louis, MO. 

All applicants must visit the farm to interview, this is non-negotiable.  Applicants must arrange with Live Springs Farm a visit as well as cover their own expenses traveling to and from the farm. 

Positon Description:

  • Handling daily livestock chores including feeding, watering, setting up temporary fencing, rotating animals on pasture; strong emphasis on poultry production 
  • Seasonal chores dealing with calving, farrowing, brooding chicks, cutting firewood, fence maintenance 
  • Making on-farm feed rations
  • Taking out old fence and replacing with new high tensile electric fence
  • Some involvement in marketing farm produced goods, i.e. possibly attending a farmers' market
  • Farmhand will work in close relationship with the farmers to plan, prioritize, and accomplish all of the needs of the farm operation with the emphasis on the “outdoor” tasks
  • Some record keeping
  • Field work including field prep, planting, harvesting, and monitoring
  • Carpentry projects
  • Preparing and applying biodynamic preparations

Position Requirements:

  • Capacity and willingness to handle all of the above
  • Someone who can work independently on many tasks while also being able to work as a team
  • U.S. citizenship, a valid drivers license and their own vehicle
  • Some experience operating tractors and other small farm equipment including chainsaws, hand drills, ATVs, etc. as well as general maintenance skills
  • A willingness to take instruction
  • Consistency in work ethic, responsible individual who has capacity for attention to detail
  • Some experience handling livestock
  • A general knowledge of biodynamic farming and/or a desire to learn
  • Commitment to continued learning in areas of pasture based livestock production and sustainable agriculture
  • Able to work on repetitive tasks

 Position Includes:

  • Salaried position
  • Housing
  • Access to farm produced goods
  • One year commitment with possibilities for long-term employment
  • One week paid vacation (dates to be determined through discussion with Live Springs Farm)

Please email Bobbi at customerservice (at) livespringsfarm (dot) com with a letter of interest, a description of past experiences that qualify you for the position, a list of five references, and a statement of your goals for working at Live Springs Farm, please also include if you will be taking the position alone or bringing family.