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Gardener for 2014

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Gardener for 2014

Avena Botanicals is a thriving small business in midcoast Maine where each person working within its rhythm plays an integral role in the co-creation process of providing high quality herbal products from seed to bottle. We are an herbal apothecary that has offered a variety of hand-crafted herbal remedies for the past 29 years and most of our products are made with herbs grown and hand-harvested from our own biodynamic, organic gardens in Rockport, Maine. This beautiful three-acre garden provides an abundance of certified biodynamic herbs for the apothecary, serves as a classroom for the community, offers nectar-producing flowers for pollinators & migrators and is a peaceful place for visitors to renew their spirit and find healing in nature.

If you have an interest in working in the Avena Botanicals gardens, we require that you have a rooted commitment to grow and care for medicinal plants and at least three years of previous experience in small scale organic farming and gardening. A background in biodynamic practice or a developed relationship in working with the spirits of the plants, elemental energies, and cosmic rhythms, and the desire to work with a committed, creative group of people are also very important to us.

The garden staff is dedicated to the work of upholding the mission of Avena Botanicals and maintaining deep relationships with the plant and elemental worlds through the application of organic and biodynamic practices and daily offerings of gratitude. We work on a small yet intensive scale of production, as well as tend sacred space for healing gardens.
We spend our workdays consciously surrounded by thousands of wise medicine plants, supporting the intention of healing on individual levels for humans as well as the collective level for the earth and all our relations, while at the same time, tending a healing space that is open to public visitors throughout the entire season.

The seasonal rhythms of medicinal herb growing asks of us an open heart, flexibility, devotion and concentrated physical labor in all weather conditions. As in all aspects of living, practicing a regular routine of self-care outside of work is an integral part of being able to maintain the level of participation, presence, and gratitude that our work of stewarding medicine plants asks of us.

If you find yourself inspired to pursue employment with us please send the following:

Please include relevant study, training, job experience and three references and their contact information.

Cover Letter:
We would like to hear:
How you fell in love with plants, your philosophy of working with them, and how you have been able to apply this in daily life.
Your long-term vision for your work with medicinal plants.
Any self-care practice you maintain to support you throughout the gardening season.
And of course, why you would like to work with us here at Avena Botanicals?

Please send emails to:

And send letters to:
Avena Botanicals
Garden Manager
219 Mill St.
Rockport, ME

We begin the review process for season long employees in late fall throughout the winter, at which time we will read over resumes we have received and contact you if we seem to be a good match. Garden employees are hired to work from mid/late April through Oct/mid Nov, three to four days a week, eight hours a day.

Please note that we currently do not have an apprenticeship/internship program available and we do not have on site housing to offer employees.

Folks are welcome and encouraged to visit the gardens during our business hours, Monday through Friday 12-5pm, attend our class offerings, and browse our collection of resources available in our Herbshop and on our website:

We look forward to hearing from you!