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Growing on fences and the noon hour

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Growing on fences and the noon hour

Dear BD Practioners,

I have lots of fence line to work with in this long narrow city lot. It's about 6' high and only has spaces between board on north street side.

It was a dismal failure this year to grow beans. The peas where slightly better, but the squash was only fair and the chayote  squash  is the only thing I would recommend.  

Location: north of Pasadena, NW of Los Angeles, CA USA

The shading is a problem until the plants ie chayote squash got over the fence height.  It didn't like the heat nor did the Runners beans. Squash had fair amount of folage but little fruit set.  Prefers the ground maybe?

I'd like to cover up these ugly fences but with what.  A part of it gets only noon time sun because of the house and fence shading.  There the taste of the beans was pathetic.  Not that anything tasted spectacular.  

The noon witching hour? Should that part of fence be ornamental only? Forget the produce? I'd be willing to grow leaves as wrappers for my tamales etc.

Suggestions anyone?