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Growing your own seed

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Growing your own seed


"The difference between food plants and plants grown for seed. According to Rudolf Steiner, there is a basic difference between the two types, one of which is sown in autumn, nearer to the winter, and the other nearer to the summer."  Pfeiffer- BD for Gardners and Farmers

Please translate.  I'd like to grow robust, nutritionly great seed from my produce.  Ex squash & pumkins, peas & beans, salad, okra.

Location: north of Pasadena, NW of Los Angeles, California, USA though I would like to be able to do it wherever I may live. 

Also I am trying to grow dandelion greens. Collect seed and cover with thin layer of dirt. Nothing. TIme of year?? How can I not grow dandelions?

Please, I ready to be educated. enlightend!