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Join the 2013 Brix Bounty Team - Production Manager Position, Apprenticeships, & More...

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Join the 2013 Brix Bounty Team - Production Manager Position, Apprenticeships, & More...

Located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Brix Bounty Farm works as a community catalyst producing nutrient rich vegetables, providing educational opportunities, and undertaking crop & soil research.  This coming season we’ll actively crop approx. 4 acres, with an additional couple of acres in cover.  Our production methods are grounded in realizing the wealth of productivity resulting from biologically managed soils.  We market all of our vegetables within 5 miles of our farm:  through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program (90 summertime shares, 40 wintertime shares), a self-serve farm stand, and at the downtown New Bedford Farmers Market.  We invest in our natural capital (soils) and human capital (community), building renewable sources of wealth.  Efforts include improving food security through community projects which increase knowledge and awareness of sustainable production techniques on farms and in backyard and community gardens.  Working with local non-profits and community groups we bridge the connection between soil, diet, and health.  Join us as we strive to renew the prosperity of the commons along the Southcoast of Massachusetts.

Please note:  we are not a demeter certified biodynamic farm; our production system includes some aspects of bd production (use of preps purchased in from JPI, etc.) and some hybrid marketing/pricing systems inspired in part by the work of Steiner.  We are also somewhat isolated from a strong bd community (located in Southeastern Massachusetts). 

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