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Kickstarter Campaign - GeerCrest Farm Life Experience

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Kickstarter Campaign - GeerCrest Farm Life Experience

Food education for the next generation.

Farm Life Experience

GeerCrest Farm holds a place in this world for an experience which is vanishing; it holds an unspoken reverence and appreciation for nature and life, and it allows the developing child to connect with that in a very deep and personal way.”

-Nina Churchill Portland Waldorf School Teacher

We are ready to launch our official Farm Life Experience program at GeerCrest Farm- with your help!  Students of the program will learn from and contribute to every aspect of the farm:  a full vegetable CSA; meat, egg, and dairy production; management of the woods, pastures, and streams; and the management of a working homestead household, including food preservation and cooking; the economics of food production; and the social dynamics that sustain farming communities.

Our story 

For years, the nonprofit GeerCrest Farm & Historical Society has offered educational visits to local schools and groups, led by the farmers themselves.  Always operating on a shoestring budget, we were able to somehow (with lots of coffee and many, many volunteers- thank you!) pull it off every year, introducing more and more students to small scale organic food production and farm life while juggling the farm management in tandem. In the last couple of years, the demand for this kind of education on our farm has exploded, and for the first time, our farm team truly felt unable to commit to another year without having a developed, directed, and well-staffed "farm school" program, led by experienced educators and farmers.  We are passionate about integrating students into every aspect of small farm life, and encouraging them to connect with the source of their food- and we want to do it well.  After MUCH brainstorming, organizing, and collaborating with teachers educators, we are very proud to present the Farm Life Experience program at GeerCrest Farm!

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