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Land Partner Wanted- Kingston, AR

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Land Partner Wanted- Kingston, AR

Is your heart alive to beauty? Do you passionately yearn to live in a really beautiful quiet bucolic place? Are you a mature but physically vigorous man or exceptionally strong and skilled woman age 45-62, who relishes outdoor life?

Are you keenly interested in gardening? Would you be happy to be part of the solution, in terms of land mangagement/climate change issues-- engaged in a program that seeks to maintain a luxurious vegetative mantle and avoid compaction, bare soil, erosion?

I'm offering a wonderful living situation (partnership, not job): a large old farmhouse on an old 140 acre farm of mixed pastures and wood bottomlands and uplands in Kingston, Arkansas. The farm is in the middle of a 5 mile long creek valley where almost all the properties are 300-400 acres, located 50 mi east of the college town Fayetteville, AR and 15 mi from trailheads of the Buffalo River.

You would pay only $120/month (flat rate that covers expenses to pay utility for the farmhouse) do about 10 hours of general maintenance a month. Some seasonal chores we'd do together, some could be divided.

Farmhouse is mellow and lovely. Surrounded by great beds of old ornamental perennials. 2 story house, ground floor stays cool in summer., big old trees on 3 sides. Phone line and high-speed internet. 2 Sufi centers with classes, one under an hour driving time.

Initial contact through postal mail only. (no computer or phone in my personal house.) Please write statement about your goals, needs, interests, skills, rural experience to Rabia Cronin, 13952 Madison 3605, Kingston AR 72742