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Looking to rent a few farmable acres in RI,PA, NC, CA, OR, WA


My name is Hendall Loeffler and I"ve been looking for a smallish 1-2 acre piece of land to rent in Rhode Island. Unfortunately the state is pretty small and land access is a little difficult.

Basically I would entertain the idea of farming most places but feel especially drawn to RI, PA, NC, CA, OR, WA, and am also interested in being near Detroit or New Orleans.

I'm a total greenhorn with just over three years experience farming but I just can't get enough. Maybe you have a farm your trying to lease? Or a part of a farm? I'm interested in 3-5 year leases biodynamic/permaculture practices.

Feel free to email me at
especially if you want to be bombarded with questions about your land.

Thanks for the read.