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Michael Fields' Stella Gardens Internship Program - East Troy, WI

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Michael Fields' Stella Gardens Internship Program - East Troy, WI
Michael Fields Agricultural Institute is offering several internship opportunities to learn and work in its beautiful 2+ acre market garden located in East Troy, Wisconsin. 
Stella Gardens is an intensively planted perennial fruit and annual vegetable garden that was designed to teach young farmers the fundamentals of soil health, garden biology, and successive rotations.  If you have given serious thought to becoming a small-scale farmer or market gardener, and want to learn more, please consider applying for this demanding, hands-on exploration of small-scale organic farming. 
This 7.5 month internship (mid-March through October 31) is a full-time position in which you assist the garden manager with the daily tasks of greenhouse sowing and management, hand sowing and transplanting, irrigation, weeding, pest management, harvest, post-harvest handling and perennial propagation. The majority of our work is done by hand to build strong bodies and an intimate understanding of the importance of healthy soil. We market our vegetable and fruit through an on-site farm stand and farmers’ market as well as to schools and other wholesale venues. 
In return, Stella Gardens interns receive a monthly stipend of $500, on-site lodging in your own room, access to food from the garden, a shared kitchen, enrollment in Michael Fields Whole Farm Workshops and in CRAFT Farmer Training Days along with the opportunity to take field trips to other innovative farms. All you need is a strong body, enthusiastic perspective, willingness to learn, a flexible nature and an interest in farming/gardening, food and resource sustainability issues.  Our deadline for applications is January 31, 2014.
If you would like more information or are interested in submitting an application, please contact Christine Welcher at