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A New Biodynamic Nutrition Group

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A New Biodynamic Nutrition Group

The BDA survey that circulated earlier this year invited additional topic suggestions for possible consideration by the Association. I have suggested the formation of a Biodynamic Nutrition Group. The following includes some background and an essential foundation of my inspiration.

Some number of months ago I began thinking that children deserve to know where their food comes from. However, I imagine that parents may not want their children to know if the food is coming from the typical factory farm. Yet I think parents would want their children to know if the food came from a biodynamic farm! I am convinced that the children would really love to know these farms! I think that Waldorf schools and Waldorf-inspired charter schools would be more likely to welcome connecting with a Biodynamic farm than a typical public school (but I am happy to accept other perspectives on that). Therefore Biodynamic farmers who don't already have a direct connection with Waldorf schools may need to know that there may be connections waiting to be made at the closest Waldorf school and that these connections are for everyone's benefit! In addition - the farm-to-school connection could also support the idea of a Community Supported Kitchen (CSK) for the school. That is where the vision for Waldorf CSKs comes in:

The idea of "Biodynamic Community Supported Kitchens for Waldorf Schools" requires Biodynamic farms that want to have a relationship with a Waldorf school. It also requires an awareness of Biodynamics within the school communities. I see a potential need for bridge-building and for education here!

As a nutrition therapy chef my approach regarding health is very largely based on wise nourishing traditions and aligned with anthroposophical (and like perspectives) on human development. I highlight the need for spiritual foods and contrast that with the lack of forces in the foods of commerce. I appeal to those who seek improved health and guide them toward the life-giving forces that biodynamics is founded on.

In light of the above, I responded to the survey and asked the BDA to consider supporting a focus group on biodynamic-based nutrition with a special attention to childhood nutrition.

The tasks of the focus group can include:

1.) The development of presentations of every kind that show the superior quality of biodynamic foods in terms of nutrient-density, life-force, etc.

2.) The development of additional themes that can further identify the Biodynamic advantages in regards to all that nourishes. The starting point is in regards to the need for Biodynamic foods for the developmental health of the child.

The group would also present a case for funding to develop the presentations so they can be brought into schools starting with the parent/teachers of the school.

Without Prejudice,
By: Chef Jem
Executive producer: "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth"