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Paid internship at Common Hands Farm Hudson NY

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Paid internship at Common Hands Farm Hudson NY

Young Farmers in Hudson NY seeking hard working team players as we grow as a farm and transition to Biodynamics

we are busy taking as many applications as possible to form a new, enthusiastic, hard working team of young people dedicated to learning the art of farming biodynamically, as well as using many techniques from our background in permaculture to design new food systems.

Community life is a strong element of our farm and we participate in many local farmers markets, as well as hosting our own farm stand and Upick at peak times of the year.  We involve ourselves in many local initiatives, and sometimes host some of our own, including our weekly wood fired pizza evenings.

We provide for a CSA which delivers weekly to NYC as well as a number of different restaurtants and wholesalers.  Our farm is a good opportunity to immerse oneself in learning about working with the earth through regenerative and holistic techniques, while at the same time gaining hands on experience with multiple distribution models as well as the ins and outs of a new farm business that is rapidly and successfully coming to fruition.  

On the side Tess grows and sells both culinary and medicinal herbs, and Dan pursues mushroom cultivation, natural architecture and forest gardening

Apprentices need to be hard working and willing to fully engage in the day to day life of the farm. personal growth and creativity are our highest priority along with working in the dirt, and we seek people who have a similar striving to live a well balanced community life.  If this sounds like you, then get in touch.  Write us a letter about you and your relationship to farming as well as where you come from, and what experience you have had.  resume's are also great.  email us at


Happy New Year

Dan and Tess