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Raise the Barn -- Pfeiffer Center Kickstarter Project

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Raise the Barn -- Pfeiffer Center Kickstarter Project


Find out more about the Pfeiffer Center's Kickstarter fundraising campaign and donate at

Our historic red dairy barn is the iconic cornerstone of our operation: Home to the hay and gear for Captain and Eva, our spirited team of Haflinger draft horses, it's also our workshop and storage space. But the years have taken a toll and it needs work now.

With a minimum of $75,000 we can restore our cherished old barn, deer-proof the fields that await a crop, restore the Children's Healing Garden, and invest in the research tools we need to analyze soil and educate traditional and urban farmers.

If we surpass that goal we'll also:

- Bring in additional interns in 2013. Our interns get a one-year immersion course in biodynamic farming and go on to share their knowledge and launch their own successful farms.

- Make urgent repairs to our old greenhouse and build an additional greenhouse so we can get an early start on the tender vegetables we sell to the community, plant in our fields, and donate to people in need.