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Report and advice from JPI in Woolwine, Virginia

The Woolwine area of Virginia is getting rain virtually every day with grass and hayfields looking quite green and "lush" as mentioned by a recent visitor from Sanford, Florida. I keep advising those in a drought situation to continue using BD #508 during periods when the Moon is in a Leaf constellation, and consider a full sequence once per month when there is a longer period for Moon in Leaf. Details on the JPI website ( under calendar recommendations. Should also have the Sequential Spray Report Form available on the site soon. Although proving the efficacy of the Sequential Spray Technique is a virtually impossible task, it seems to work often enough that it is still to be recommended. At the very least, include Equisetum arvense in your regular biodynamic practice to bring some harmony to the watery element +/-. It would be interesting to bring the technique to a greater level of attention in the drought stricken areas of the country, but we haven't figured out an appropriate advertising/news release avenue for that quite yet. Besides, word of mouth and seeing is believing always seems to serve best as far as stirring up interest in biodynamics.

Hugh Courtney