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Report from Foxhollow Farm in Kentucky

Yes! our drought conditions in KY, compounded by extreme heat (114, 116, 106, etc. with heat index and high 90's otherwise) for most of this month has caused all sorts of devastation on crops around us, mostly corn. The corn crop was trying to pollinate during the worst of the heat. Philip (my husband) like everyone else, will experience terrible yield on his corn, but as compared to neighbors, one could see the plant holding better in the field.

Most notable during the extreme heat/dry weather on Philip's farm is how well the sows and hogs are doing. They are able to maintain their condition and health, we believe, because of the quality feed that comes off of this farm. Philip has to buy in some grain to supplement his feed throughout the year, but during this major stress period (when one can expect to lose animals, not just condition) he fed only his own corn & wheat, not a mix. It is impressive to see sows breed back and farrow as well as they normally do. The animals seem able to tolerate the heat, much better than could be expected.

At Foxhollow (grass fed beef) where i run the bd program and we practice intensive and mob grazing, our pastures and hay fields have faired beautifully and the 100 cows/ calves and 110 stockers look, for the most part, full and healthy. We are pleased with their performance and thrilled with the condition of the soil and grass.

Our home gardens, orchard & dairy pastures also show resilience and health through the heat/drought. With the little bit of rain we received last week these especially have bounced right back to their full glory.

I would welcome a way to submit some form of documentation on this.

Laura Riccardi