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Sankanac CSA seeks full time summer intern [Kimberton, PA]

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Sankanac CSA seeks full time summer intern [Kimberton, PA]

Located about thirty miles west of Philadelphia, our 200-member CSA is part of
an intentional community, Camphill Kimberton Hills. We are oriented around
biodynamic agriculture and providing services to adults with developmental
disabilities. Each summer we bring on two full time interns to work in
vegetable garden.

Interns assist in all aspects of the garden as well as participating in one of
the community houses. Unique opportunities exist for interns on our farm as we
integrate tractors and draft horses into our regular work, as well as working
with a crew of village members with disabilities.

To apply contact:
Craig Brown
Admissions Coordinator
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills

For more info check us out at or