Please complete the application below to apply for a scholarship for the Biodynamic Farmer Foundation Year through the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund. Please note, in order to be considered for funds, you must have completed the Biodynamic Farmer Foundation Year Application first

All questions are required. To save a draft of your application, log in at the top of this page before you begin. Your application will not be considered until you have completed all questions and clicked "submit."

Please be thorough and thoughtful in the completion of this application. We wish to be as generous as possible but have limited funds; the better we can understand your interest and need, the better we might be able to meet your situation with scholarship support.

Scholarship awards are dependent on acceptance into the Biodynamic Farmer Foundation Year. We will be considering both applications in our review process. If you have not filled out a scholarship application you will be considered as being able to pay the full tuition. Once you have heard back regarding your acceptence into the program you will soon after hear about your scholarship award.

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About You
Diversity Questions
We seek a diverse group of participants in the Biodynamic Scholarship program. Your answers to the questions below will be helpful to us in that regard.