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Seeking Intern at Full Fat Farm - Harford, NY

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Seeking Intern at Full Fat Farm - Harford, NY

Full Fat Farm in NY's finger lakes is looking for an intern for the 2013 growing season.  We are a small off the grid homestead whose goal is to become food self-sufficient while growing the most nutrient dense produce possible.  Over the last several years, we have been incorporating Biodynamics into our organic and biological (soil building) farming practices, and have had good luck with planting, cultivating and harvesting by Maria Thun's calendar.  Now we are moving toward making the preparations and innoculating compost this spring so we can spread it this fall. We practice intensive rotational grazing with our livestock: a dairy and a beef cow, one goat, a couple pigs, and a flock of laying/meat birds(dual purpose).    Intern duties would include moving fences, milking, planting, harvesting, cultivating/weeding, making and spreading compost, cooking, canning, freezing. The food we provide is nutrient-rich, fresh, and delicious.  Apprentices usually stay in our house for the season in our extra bedroom.  Accomodations are rustic.  We are located in a remote, beautiful, hilly spot surrounded by state forest, at the end of a dirt road, so it is quiet up here.  We are a family of 4 with 2 daughters age 6 and 4.   Please see our posting on Attra to apply: