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Seeking Seed Garden Worker ASAP - Turtle Tree Seed, Copake, NY

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Seeking Seed Garden Worker ASAP - Turtle Tree Seed, Copake, NY

Seeking Seed Garden worker ASAP

What we need: We are looking for a live-in volunteer to start as soon as possible for the coming season (or longer) of seed growing at Turtle Tree Seed. Previous gardening and/or farming experience is necessary, as well as enthusiasm for seed work and energy/health for land work, which can be too hot, too cold, wet, and physically strenuous. We need someone who is willing to work alongside, learning from and sometimes guiding people with developmental disabilities. One of the seed gardeners is going on maternity leave in the spring, so we need solid help in place before that!

We live and work in a community which includes adults with developmental disabilities, and in addition to working at Turtle Tree in the three seed gardens and workshop, you would be living and supporting (“lifesharing”) in a household with 4-6 people with developmental disabilities.

The household in which you would live is typically 4-6 people with developmental disabilities for whom the community is their home, another volunteer who has signed on for a year or two, and a family, often with children, who live here long-term and have found their home in the community. Supporting the household means eating meals together, helping with meal preparation and cleanup, helping with personal care for folks who need help with tooth-brushing, showering, etc. and being present during the mornings, noons and evenings to share the life of the people in the household.

We also ask volunteers to help support the festival and cultural life of the community, which is based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner, and which celebrates many of the Christian festivals and throughout the year, month, week and day, including saying a grace or singing together before meals, having a “morning circle” before breakfast where often a verse is spoken and a Bible passage is read, an special dinner together on Saturday night where the week’s highlights from each household member are shared and the weekly Bible reading is discussed before a lay service on Sunday mornings (optional, unless someone from your household needs accompaniment) and various plays, musical and movement presentations and activities for festivals throughout the year.

We do not ask that anyone believe anything they don’t choose, but we do ask that volunteers respect and are able to help with and participate in our community life, whether or not it coincides with their personal beliefs.

Because we work with a potentially vulnerable population, all volunteers are required to be fingerprinted by the state of NY, and to have a background check.

What we offer:

  • A good team of knowledgeable folks who will teach you about seed growing.
  • The opportunity to learn about seed growing on a small to mid scale.
  • Housing in shared house (see above)
  • Food, including vegetables, milk, cheese and meat from our biodynamic farm as the season permits.
  • Access to a shared vehicle after passing a simple village driving test (with valid State or International driver’s license)
  • Health insurance, including access to an on-site medical center with nurses and an Anthroposophical doctor. (Dental insurance in the second and subsequent years)
  • Basic personal care items such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.
  • A small stipend for personal expenses, starting out at $168 per month in the first year, and increasing in the second year.
  • For those staying 6-11 months, we offer 2 weeks of vacation, and some financial support for your time away. For those staying a full year or more, we offer 3 weeks of vacation per year with some financial support. For those staying less than 6 months, we cannot offer vacation time. Vacation times must be worked out with your household and with Turtle Tree so that there aren’t too many people away at once, or at especially busy times.
  • Typically volunteers are able to take a day for themselves on the weekends, as long as there are no outstanding circumstances, such as a special festival time, more support needed because another volunteer is away, etc.
  • Mandatory trainings such as first aid/cpr, fire safety, etc. which are provided by the community.
  • The opportunity to be involved in other on-site trainings, such as a training in care-giving or the Social Therapy Seminar, a 4-year course in the basics of Anthroposophy and working with people with developmental disabilities, which can be extended to a fifth year BA program.
  • A vibrant cultural and festival program
  • The opportunity to meet, live and work with amazing people whose warmth and enthusiasm for life are truly inspiring.
  • The opportunity for person growth through the challenges and joys of living and working with a variety of people towards a common purpose, and through building community together.

If you are interested, please email Lia at Turtle Tree Seed, and  submit an application (available on the Camphill website, to