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Spirit of the Earth Farm seeks Farm Manager - Kauai, HI

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Spirit of the Earth Farm seeks Farm Manager - Kauai, HI

Uhane Aina - Spirit of the Earth Farm is located on the northeast corner of Kauai 50 yards from cliffs overlooking the ocean. The 16 1/2 acre farm is part of a 600 acre ag project. Our hallmark is diversity with mixed orchards, long and short term field crops, herbs, some tropical flowers and 300 Neem trees. Our produce is marketed locally at 2 farmers markets, 3 stores, and several CSA accounts. Only half the farm is planted so there is much room to expand orchards. We are currently looking for 2 gentle dairy cows primarily for compost production. A pod cluster house has recently been permitted so construction is about to begin. A mill is on site so we will use local woods whenever possible. Non-profit determination is pending on the federal level with research, education, and self-containment being our focus. Our lifestyle is simple, basic, and rustic. Tents and buses accommodate workers.

We are looking for a steady flow of committed apprentices and interns who are interested in biodynamic agriculture, permaculture, and localization as well as a general farm manager. Contact Marie Mauger for details and application. (808) 822-7899 or email