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Stateline Farm Beginnings 2013-14 Now Accepting Applications

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Stateline Farm Beginnings 2013-14 Now Accepting Applications
Stateline Farm Beginnings 2013-2014 
Now Accepting Applications
The Stateline Farm Beginnings® Application and Information Packet for Year 9: 2013-2014 is now available! The packet is available online:
Our Stateline Farm Beginnings® program will be entering its 9th year in October 2013 and has produced 122 graduates. We are pleased to say that 72% of our Stateline Farm Beginnings® graduates are currently farming!
Stateline Farm Beginnings is all about strategic farm business planning.
The Stateline Farm Beginnings program is structured to lead students through the steps necessary to complete a farm business plan. Beginning with a mission statement, farm goals and strategic objectives, the course supports students through marketing issues, financial record keeping and cash flow projections, legal subjects, land tenure options and risk management.
Stateline Farm Beginnings is farmer-led.
A project of the farmers in the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT), coordinated and administered by Angelic Organics Learning Center, CRAFT farmers have worked collaboratively for over fifteen years to offer farmer-led training to prospective farmers through field days, workshops, mentoring and at Stateline Farm Beginnings sessions.
Stateline Farm Beginnings is rooted in sustainable agricultural practices.
Aimed at both beginning and transitioning farmers who want to enter sustainable agriculture, Stateline Farm Beginnings is a farmer-led training program in which you develop your own farm vision and whole farm plan with guidance from successful organic, Biodynamic and sustainability-minded agriculture growers in our region.
The information in this packet ( provides you with a draft program schedule for Stateline Farm Beginnings, graduate web pages, a list of the 2013 CRAFT Field Day workshops, the Land Stewardship Project Farm Beginnings® fact sheet, and an application form.
When you are accepted into Stateline Farm Beginnings®, you enter a farmer-led learning environment that includes:
* Winter course work (10 sessions from October to March)
* Approximately 10 CRAFT Field Day Workshops at regional farms (January to November, 2014)
* Mentoring by successful sustainable agriculture farmers (either via internships, employment, or technical assistance arrangements).
This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from successful farmers. There are no college courses that will prepare you for starting or transitioning your farm in the same way. I hope you will join us this fall and build a solid foundation for your farm dream. To hear directly from past Stateline Farm Beginnings® students, check out our YouTube video:
An important detail to keep in mind: SFB applications must be postmarked by September 1st, 2013.
Please feel free to share this information. If you have any questions about the application or SFB sessions, please send an email to
Thank you for your interest in Stateline Farm Beginnings!