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Swine Program Manager- Yorkville, CA

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porkville ranch
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Swine Program Manager- Yorkville, CA

Swine Program Manager at Porkville Ranch

Porkville Ranch is a 2,000 acre property located in Yorkville, California. Porkville is home to the only breeding population of the Italian Cinta Senese pig outside of Italy. The mixed woodlands and oak savannah habitats found at Porkville are similar in climate and natural productivity to the Tuscan forests that have supported Cinta since the Middle Ages. Our pure bred pigs are raised humanely in an extensive forest and pasture system, and marketed as specialty whole-carcass forage fattened heritage pork, to Bay Area restaurants, trend-setting chefs and specialty butchers. The business is in early stage start up, and we are looking for an experienced outdoor swine stockperson to join this dynamic project.