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Three Acres Available near Stoctkon, CA

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Three Acres Available near Stoctkon, CA

Located in the heart of San Joaquin County - annual weather is all four seasons hot is summer, cold in winter (with rain and fog only - snow is a rarity) with gorgeous springs and autumns.  Northerly winds and gentle breezes.  Eucalyptus trees, two pear trees, several oak trees and one almond tree on the property. Well on site. Not farmed for over ten years. Row crop area about one and 1/2 acres and plenty of room for new additional trees as well as herbs/flower gardens.  

A great opportunity for new biodynamic farmer.  Owner would like biodynamic/Demeter standards.  Owner will fund soils testing and certifications.  Owner currently living out of the area with goal to reside there within five years.  Owner willing to negotiate living arrangements.  Contact for additional information.

In appreciation of your interest.