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Tropical Fruit Farm Sharing Opportunity - San Diego, CA

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Thea Maria Carlson
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Tropical Fruit Farm Sharing Opportunity - San Diego, CA
I am a Co-Director of a full member Waldorf teacher education institute in San Diego.  We are an extension of the WISC program under the Brousseaus and have been functioning for 10 years. 
My husband and I also own a small certified organic farm (4 acres) and we grow tropical fruits (avocados, blood oranges, Pakistani mulberries, pomegranates, cheramoyas, passion fruit and figs etc.) We also have plenty of nettles and horsetail growing freely!
With the institute taking up most of my time and my husband also working full-time for the local water company, we have been looking at options for our farm and I have this idea I wanted to share.
San Diego has the most amount of small organic farms in the State of California-there is a huge interest as well as the obvious challenges with water and corporate greed.
In my position I teach foundation studies to future educators (I was a Waldorf teacher for 14 years).
My husband, Soleil and I would love to open our farm opportunity to a young, aspiring biodynamic student who might like to teach biodynamic farming at the institute. We have a separate trailer and could offer free room and board.
To me this presents a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about biodynamics, to have a platform to speak and also to practice.
If interested, please contact:
Jacqueline Develle
Co-Director WISC San Diego
"transforming the lives of children through adult education"