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Waldorf Teacher/Farmer - Idaho

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Waldorf Teacher/Farmer - Idaho

Dry Creek School and Farm is actively recruiting K-8 teachers who are Waldorf certified. Initially, we are looking for teachers for fall 2014 to lead our small, private school located on an idyllic, five acre organic farm in the Dry Creek Valley of Boise. When the charter school opens in fall 2015 the educators will then have the opportunity to transition to the public charter. 

Dry Creek is a charter school inititative with a proposed location on an idyllic farm in the Dry Creek area of Boise. Dry Creek will be based on the Waldorf curriculum which is a holistic, arts infused educational model focusing on the whole child. Our school will include Biodynamic Farming, Music, Wood Working, Sustainable Living, Animal Husbandry, as well as experientially-based learning of Language, Math and the Sciences. Dry Creek will focus not only on the intellect but the imagination and inspire curiosity and emotional well-being in children in a nature-based setting.

Please send resume to: