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Waverly Farms seeking two interns in Virginia

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Waverly Farms seeking two interns in Virginia

Waverly Farms, located in Burkeville Va, is seeking two interns to round out our staff to help us expand our second year CSA. Our CSA manager has over fourteen years of experience in Bio Dynamics and will be bringing that aspect of farming to the Waverly Farms CSA. It is a second year CSA but we have so much going on here on the farm (the farm has existed long before the CSA program began). We raise cows for beef (we are currently looking for our first milk cow), goats for breeding and meat (some currently being used for milking as well) llamas,chickens for eggs and we also have organically fed hogs. There are also some horses on the farm for those who are interested in equestrian activity.
On top of animal husbandry we will be increasing our CSA membership to forty shares this year. Its going to be a busy year but with the right group of folks we will have an awesome time. There's tons to learn about here and our staff are very friendly and are concerned with seeing to it that our interns get excellent first hand experience running farms. A season or two here will do wonders to get your agriculture career moving forward.
We are about an hour from Richmond Virginia. That's our states capitol and our closest real city. We also have a small college town a few minutes to our west ...ironically named "Farmville". Its the closest place to go hear music when you don't want to go all the way to Richmond. We also have some rivers around here for enjoyment during off time and we encourage their exploration. They are great for paddling if you like canoeing or kayaking.
Fun loving, positive people are encouraged to apply. We want this community farm to be a lively and enjoyable place this year. Its a "the more the merrier approach" and to this end we will be constantly meeting new people through our wwoof (World Wide opportunities on Organic farms)program and also enjoying the company of our work share members.
See our website (though it needs to be updated!) to get a sense for the basics about us. In the photos section you will see a house labeled "The Inn" That's where our interns will live. Here's the link:
Please email our CSA Manager Michael Green to learn more. You should go ahead and attach any resumes or other recent work info, or simply write a letter stating your interests and inquiries. His email address is
Thank you for your interest!