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Winter apprenticeship program in Ecuador

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Winter apprenticeship program in Ecuador

Join us in the beautiful mountains of Ecuador. We own a 1,200 acre farm, which includes a two-acre intensive garden with fruit trees, ten acres of rolling irrigated pasture,  a milk cow, goats, chickens, and bees.  Our burro does most of the heavy lifting, much of the work is done by hand and all year long we have spring like weather.

At the present time we are three partners, Apprentices will help with all the tasks of developing a homestead. You will experience gardening, fruit tree care, pasture management, animal husbandry, permaculture and Biodynamic farming practices. 
We will give priority for folks who wish to stay for at least a month. We expect six hours of work per day and the weekends are free. We ask $50/wk and in return we provide meals (shared meal preps) during the week and big tents with proper beds to sleep in. We believe you will have an experience of a lifetime. Not only will we teach you homesteading skills but you will experience the sacredness of nature in all her beauty.
For more information about Finca Sagrada please email Leisha at
Our websites provide more information and photos:  and