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The Farm as a Living Organism

On January 22, 2014, the Biodynamic Association hosted "The Farm As a Living Organism," a full-day pre-conference event at the 34th Annual EcoFarm Conference in Pacific Grove, CA. Over 140 people came together for a fruitful day of inquiry, inspiration, community, and connections. We were fortunate to have the chance to delve deeply, and from diverse perspectives, into questions of managing farms and landscapes as living biodiverse organisms and using biodynamic practices to help restore the health of our soil and the vitality of food we grow. It was also tremendously uplifting to see the prominent presence of biodynamics throughout the whole EcoFarm Conference (the largest gathering of organic and ecological farmers in the West), as the momentum of the biodynamic pre-conference event continued into the main conference with a range of well-attended biodynamic workshops, a biodynamic mixer, office hours for one-on-one discussion with the Biodynamic Association, and strong, collaborative representation in the exhibit tent from national and regional biodynamic organizations.

Slideshow: To get a sense of (or to relive) the event and the community spirit, please see our photo slideshow.

Overviews: You can also read more about it in Grover Stock's "EcoFarm Restrospective" and Biodynamic Scholarship Fund recipient Virginia (Ginger) Salkowski's letter about "Gaining Confidence with Community Support and Hands-On Learning."


The event schedule and other information is available at