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Compost & Soil Health: 2016 EcoFarm Pre-Conference

Compost and Soil Health: A Biodynamic Approach


A pre-conference workshop at the 36th annual EcoFarm Conference in Pacific Grove, CA

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

with Bruno Follador, director of the Living Soils initiative at The Nature Institute


How can we grow resilience to drought and climate change?

How can we create more healthy and vital soils?

Composting is an essential activity of a healthy and self-sustaining farm. Yet increasingly it is an afterthought, or completely missing from our farms and gardens. As we search for solutions to climate change and drought, composting offers a pathway for building vital soils that nurture resilient crops, and fostering healthier carbon cycles.

During this full-day workshop we will deeply engage in the biodynamic approach to the art of composting. We will cover all of the practical and technical details, including sourcing materials, building and turning piles, and working with the biodynamic preparations. We will also explore how we can develop a qualitative understanding of the dynamic processes in the compost pile, and consider the significance of compost in the whole farm organism.

More details will be announced in early October. Online registration opens October 28.

Bruno Follador is the director of The Living Soils Initiative at The Nature Institute in Ghent, NY. He is a Brazilian geographer and biodynamic researcher with a deep commitment to the Goethean approach to science and has been working with biodynamic composting methods and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer's chromatography for several years. He has worked with farmers and organizations in Brazil, Europe and the United States.