One of the most important contributions of Spiritual Science is the perspective that the foundation of all things is Consciousness, and that everything that exists has a different level of awareness. In this sense, even the material world is “condensed spirit.”  This has enormous implications for all of our relationships with the natural world and with the supersensible world. With this background, we will consider Steiner’s description of how all beings are striving to evolve to ever greater awareness, and specifically how the next step of human evolution is to develop our hearts and minds, so we learn how to fully participate in world becoming, through deeds of love offered in true freedom.

An understanding of this prinicple is fundamental for understanding the contents of Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture Lectures, in which one speaks of such things as the "beings" of different substances, of "living and non-living states," and the like.

  • Study Material : Our study will be based on Rudolf Steiner’s works, found in many of his published works. Students are expected to read at least one of the following books, keeping up with the lectures week by week, as they are presented.
  1. Primary books: An Outline of Esoteric Science (also known as Occult Science), GA 13 (chapter 4)
  2. Secondary books: Cosmic Memory (from the Akashic Chronicles), GA11 (the entire book): A Theosophy of the Rosicrucians GA 99 (especially chapters 8-13)
  3. These books may be purchased at Steiner Books, or accessed online at (please make a donation when you access the books)

About: Cynthia Hoven is a eurythmist and a teacher of anthroposophical studies, with many decades of teaching experience, both as a core faculty member of Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California, and as a workshop leader around the world. She is well known for engaging students through her clear and heart-felt teaching style.

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