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Sunday, October 14th, 2012

S&S Homestead Farm, Lopez Island

You are invited to our first Washington Biodynamic Group Fall Meeting, hosted by Henning Sehmsdorf and Elizabeth Simpson on S&S Homestead Farm on Lopez Island. (see carpooling and logistics info below, and please RSVP)

Special Presentation:

Jacqueline Freeman, of Friendly Haven Rise Farm outside Venersborg in the Vancouver WA area, has agreed to speak to us about Sacred Apiculture. You may remember that she was seen gathering a swarm in the film, Queen of the Sun. She is now writing on a book about her work with bees.

Stirring and Spraying Demonstrations:

Brent Bertsch of the Bremerton area has built a stirring machine. We will be able to experience both machine stirring and hand stirring of preparation 500.  Henning has constructed a simple-to-build spraying rig mounted on a cart pulled behind the tractor.  We’ll also do some communal spraying by hand.

Prep Making: 

For those hearty folks who can camp the night before or make it to the 06:20 Anacortes ferry, we will be making chamomile (503), oakbark (505), and dandelion (506) preps and burying a yarrow bladder (502) Sunday morning. Please bring any prep making ingredients you may have collected, even if you intend to make them up and bury them back on your own land. Anyone have access to Quercus robur bark? If you have horns, lactating cow manure may be available for making horn manure.

Organizational Meeting:

We held an inaugural meeting in 2008. We have an email announcement list. There are at least two study groups meeting regularly, in Seattle and on Whidbey. And we now have several NABDAP* mentor farms and apprentices in the region. Its high time we organize ourselves for planning regular Spring and Fall gatherings.  An article on the history of the Oregon Biodynamic Group and their prep making manual will be on hand.


6:20 am            Ferry leaves Anacortes (or stay overnight)


8-11 am           Biodynamic Preparation Making (500, 502, 503, 505, 506)

11-noon             Lunch break (Pot Luck around S&S Bean & Barley soup!)


noon                  Arrivals from 10:35 Anacortes ferry (eat lunch aboard)


noon-1 pm       WBDG Organizational Meeting

1-2 pm              Jacqueline Freeman on “Sacred Apiculture”

2-4:30 pm        Stirring 500 & spraying (demo stirring machine & sprayer)

5 pm                  Ferry leaves Lopez           


Carpooling & Logistics:

It’s never easy herding cats, but we can make the trip to Lopez easier with a little planning. 


For those traveling early Sunday morning, Barry Lia can coordinate carpools to Anacortes, half-price walk-on fares for the ferry, and a taxi shuttle to the farm on the island.  The ferry leaves at 06:20 am.  Barry has 2-for-1 walk-on passenger fare coupons. (You’ll want to plan to pack all your gear for walking on.) We will tally up cost for the taxi(s). Expect about $20 for fare and taxi.  Parking will be available for $5. Share gas costs. (Cheapest gas at Chevron station on the reservation just as cross over the bridge to Fidalgo Island.)

Alternatively, you could travel to Lopez on Saturday and camp overnight on the farm or elsewhere. You will be responsible for your own meals and latrine maintenance. Kindly arrive before the Islands Fall Farm Festival tour of S&S Homestead Farm, focusing on self-sufficient systems of the sustainable small farm, from 3-5 pm Saturday.  There is a charge of $20/person for the public, but tour fees will be waived for participants in our Sunday meeting.  Notify Henning Sehmsdorf if you plan to camp overnight on the farm

Finally, if you cannot stay the night before, and if you just cannot make it for the morning ferry, there is another ferry at 10:35 on Sunday. You should eat lunch aboard the ferry. We’ve set the meeting schedule so that you will arrive on time for the organizational meeting, Jacqueline’s presentation, and stirring machine and spraying rig demos. (But you’ll miss out on S&S Homestead Bean and Barley Soup during our lunch break.)







Please email Barry Lia with your phone number. Please indicate your location, whether you can drive a vehicle and how many passengers you can take, and which ferry and day you plan to travel.

* North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association.




Event Details
S&S Homestead Farm
2143 Lopez Sound Road
Lopez Island, WA 98261 , WA
United States
Sun, 10/14/2012 -
8:00am to 4:30pm