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Associative Economics, Bee wisdom, Community Initiatives and Soul Inspired Designs
+ poluck / dinner party

This special last day will feature a series of inspring talks by community members actively working out of inspired visions of the present and future. Jon Underwood will delve into his work in creating a new vision of money using principles of three-fold, sacred economicsCarrie Gibbons will speak on The Secret Life of Bees and how these mystical bee-ings of light have much to teach us human bee-ings. Carin Fortin will speak on the ideals of community and create a picture of whatnew forms of human association can and need to look like. Delmar McCombwill speak on working with and designing out of the unseen forces of the natural world.
A festive community dinner gathering will take place after the day's talks.

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United States
Sun, 11/11/2012 (All day)