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Creating a Living Laboratory: 2013 Youth Section Meeting

On October 13-15, 2013, the North American Youth Section will host its annual meeting in Keene/Wilton, New Hampshire, following the Society's annual conference. (See here for more information.)
Spurred on by the conversations from the Initiaitve Team, the meeting will be a living lab for us to dive collectively into the research which the Youth Section is intended to carry. Our aim is to walk away with a tangible focus for the 2013-14 year, some way of connecting members actively no matter where we are located on the continent.
I am also writing to many of you as individuals who have stepped away from the Youth Section with two requests: 
1) If you can come, please do. I would like us to consciously support and pass on the legacy of the Youth Section to the upcoming generation, and also to acknowledge the work and participation of so many of our colleagues over the years. The next generation seeks guidance and clarity on what to build upon--you are their first mentors. Show up, if you can.
2) Finding the colleagues for the next generation, and sharing what the Youth Section is about, is needed. We've not done outreach very well recently and the current carrying group feels the emptiness that comes from not knowing who still feels called to this work. Please invite young people you know who are interested in anthroposophy to join this meeting. Scholarship money is available from the Finance Committee. Please reach out to Bridget Blanning ( | see form here).
The cost is low for this: $85-100 gets you well-fed and well-kept. Click here to register. 
Event Details
East Coast
Meeting / Gathering
Keene , NH
United States
New Hampshire
Sun, 10/13/2013 (All day) to Tue, 10/15/2013 (All day)